If you are not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem
March 2, 2015
This phrase has been attributed to a number of people... speech makers, advertising writers, social activists and more. It applies in so many areas and it is, I believe, a truth of our time, especially as it applies to poverty.
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St. Dismas Prison Ministry
February 23, 2015
There is likely no other area related to poverty that has been generally overlooked by both the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul and the public, than that of our prisons, inmates, ex-offenders and their families.
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"Do you like your job?" It's one of the questions pollsters have been asking lately. A fairly large number of people answer "yes." (read more)

Touchdown in Hamilton
March 3, 2015
Back in June 2011 at the 40th AGA of our great Society, the hosting of the 44th AGA was awarded to the Hamilton Particular Council. The first Conference in Hamilton was started in 1865 and 150 years later in 2015, our Council and Conferences are throwing a huge party ...(read more)
A Request For Help From Across The Ocean
January 31, 2015
Our Ontario website offers a tab called "Need Help?" We encourage folks in need or with questions to email us and let us know how we might be able to help them. We expect requests mainly from our Ontario website visitors.(read more)
Twinning: Challenges and Rewards
January 8, 2015
Please read this informative and inspiring article by Clermont Fortin, our National Twinning chairperson, describing the values gained by embarking on a twinning adventure with another area.
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Contact Guido Kelly, the Ontario Regional Twinning chairperson, at twinning.ssvp.@ssvp.on.ca