A Reflection on Vincentians and Social Media
November 1, 2015
In spite of being a seventy year old grandmother, I have tried to embrace all manner of tech-y stuff.
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Time to ride the winds of change...
October 28, 2015
Canada's federal election has resulted in big changes.
Almost two-thirds of those who voted supported platforms that included promises to act on affordable housing, combat poverty and incorporate some type of Pharmacare into our Healthcare system.
Now is the time for all of us to remind our federal representatives to work towards the kind of Canada we envision as reflected in our Vincentian mission of serving, protecting and speaking for the poor.
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Oct 14, 2015
The issue of the many refugees fleeing the turmoil and destruction in the Middle East is certainly on the minds of many of our members and one we should address..
..Firstly, at this time, there has been no appeal for funds from our national or international councils. We have heard of some diocesan initiatives that include sponsoring a refugee family by either funding programs or looking at being part of a plan to actually bring the family to Canada. Let s also remember that the Syrian crisis only highlights the plight of refugees from various parts of the world. As a global organization, poverty of the needs of the poor should never be limited to our parish or community boundaries. I also believe the words of Pope Francis should be a huge factor in our efforts regarding refugees.

This brings us to determining what we can do in our conferences, parishes and dioceses. We fully support a collaborative effort within our parishes and diocesan as such a partnership can provide the funding and personal support needed to achieve some positive results. Anyway our members can part of an effort to bring a refugee family to Canada is ideal since it allows us to develop a very personal and on-going relationship with the family. This is what the Society always strives to achieve. This is how we fulfill our goal of seeking Jesus Christ in the poor. I encourage you to check with your local parish or diocese to see what programs they may have in place.

I am also attaching a very informative article prepared by the refugee ministry of the diocese of London. There are three options suggested in this article. All three are viable options but will depend on your council or conference`s ability to participate.

I would request that any conferences or councils that do become involved in any type of refugee program to let our Ontario office know how it is working out for your members and the refugees.

Jim Paddon

Three Possible Refugee Sponsorship Projects
Fact Sheet: Cost Table

A reminder
November 17, 2015
to all Conference and Council Presidents to cast their ballots for the next Ontario Regional Council President before the December 4 deadline. Information on the candidates and election ballots have all been distributed electronically to Conference and Council Presidents.
For any President who has not received a ballot, contact Jason Hunt at jason.hunt@icloud.com, with your name, city and conference name. For any member who wants more information, contact your local Conference or Council President for more information.

A BIG thank you to the over 50% of Conference and Council Presidents who have been a part of the process and cast their ballots so far. A special shout out to the members of the Brant Particular Council and Simcoe County Particular Council who have 100% participation and Halton Particular Council and Scarborough West Particular Council with over 75% participation.

Please continue to cast your ballots before December 4, 2015.

From your Election Committee (Mary Grad, Bernie Hartlin, Jason Hunt)
Congratulations to Hannah MacFarlane
October 4, 2015
Saint Paul University (SPU) and the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul (SSVP) proudly congratulate Ms. Hannah MacFarlane on receiving a $5,000 bursary to study at SPU.(read more)
Community Harvest in London, ON
September 14, 2015
This was the second year of the Community Harvest for the St. George SVDP Conference. We wanted to continue to seek a way to serve our friends in a positive way beyond providing grocery vouchers. We purchased a community garden plot from the City of London and grew vegetables that we would share with the people we serve.(read more)