Extend a Hand to our Neighbours in Need
January 21, 2015
The Hamilton Particular Council is awaiting your arrival... "TOUCHDOWN in HAMILTON" for the AGA 2015, the dates are June 24th to 28th.(read more)

President's 1st Quarter Report
January 8, 2015
Dear fellow Vincentians:
May I wish you a happy and Holy New Year. Let`s hope this winter is a little milder than last year.(read more)

Twinning: Challenges and Rewards
January 8, 2015
Please read this informative and inspiring article by Clermont Fortin, our National Twinning chairperson, describing the values gained by embarking on a twinning adventure with another area.
(in English) - (en français)
Contact Guido Kelly, the Ontario Regional Twinning chairperson, at twinning.ssvp.@ssvp.on.ca

Winter Vincentimes 2014/15 Hiver